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Growing Forsythia Shrubs For Lasting Beauty In The Garden

If you are searching for a shrub that will add beauty to your grounds the summer through, plant forsythia – plenty of them. This floral bush is one of the earliest of all spring-blooming shrubs, its yellow, bell-shaped flowers preceding its leaves.Forsythia blooms in such profusion it resembles a ball of sunlight even on the dullest days.
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Water Feature

A Pondless Water Feature… Is It Right For Your Garden?

A pondless water feature is a type of fountain also known as disappearing fountains because the water reservoir is actually hidden underground.There is nothing quite as calming and tranquil like the sound of water in a garden. A disappearing water feature can become a focal point and an eye-catching landscape feature.
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Growing Sedum Dasyphyllum: Learn Corsican Stonecrop Succulent Care

Sedum Dasyphyllum SEE-dum Das-ee-FIL-um is a groundcover sedum plant, which is ideal for dry, hot situations.This plant belongs to the family Crassulaceae.It creates carpeting of powdery bluish-green, tiny round leaves, which later sprouts star-shaped flowers.The color of this plant changes to a purple hue during the winter.
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House Plants

Tips On Growing Citrus Indoors Zone 7 or Lower

The idea of indoor citrus trees and growing them, it’s not something many of us think of. We never think of citrus like and orange tree, Meyer lemon tree or lime as an indoor plant.As a Florida native, citrus has always been a common sight, growing up and still is to this day.From using orange juice in smoothies, eating grapefruits, putting lime juice on tacos (try it) or adding lemons and limes to my guacamole, citrus is a staple fruit around our house.
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How To Care For Glossy Abelia (Abelia x Grandiflora)

The Grandiflora glossy abelia is a hybrid of the Linnaea chinensis and Linnaea uniflora, two types of Linnea that belong to the Caprifoliaceae (honeysuckle) family.Its Latin name is grandiflora which literally means “abundant flowers” referring to the clusters of white flowers the plant produces in full bloom.
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Growing Tips

Adding Fragrant Shrubs: Scented Plants For Garden Fragrance

Our gardens are more beautiful than ever today, but they lack, more often than not, what was once considered the garden’s greatest enchantment, and that is fragrance.I often wonder why we do not cultivate fragrance in our gardens more than we do.The joy obtained from the sweet smell of growing things is of a deep and lasting nature.
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